5 Key Reasons WeChat Is The Right Social Tool For Luxury Brands In China

    Features such as 1:1 communication and CRM tools make China's top mobile messaging app an optimal platform for luxury brands aiming to cultivate an exclusive image on social media.
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    With almost all top international luxury brands active on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, it’s clear that the industry is aware of the importance of social media marketing in China. Weibo lost 28 million users in 2013, however, while 37 percent of those who stopped using Weibo that year began using WeChat, China’s top mobile messaging app. With 468 million monthly active users, WeChat is vital for a brand’s social strategy in China, and there are several important ways in which the app can benefit luxury brands in particular. As part of our recent report, “Luxury on WeChat,” we’re listing five of these crucial features below. Head over to our report download page for more details.

    Personalized 1:1 communication#

    While Weibo is all about viral sharing and reaching a mass audience, 1:1 chatting is the main function of WeChat. As a result, brands’ followers receive messages delivered straight to their inbox alongside messages from their friends and family. This personalized style is an appropriate platform for brands aiming to cultivate an exclusive image for their Chinese audience.

    VIP services#

    With the options to send targeted messages to specific groups and engage in live chat sessions, WeChat makes it easier than ever for brands to stay in touch with their most important jet-setting customers. Keeping track of VIPs also makes it easy for brands to send their top clients personalized promotions such as event invites or special early access to new items.


    Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are vitally important for luxury brands, and WeChat makes it easy for brands to keep track of data through sales and communication in order to stay up-to-date with their clients' needs.

    Quality over quantity#

    Weibo’s Twitter-style feed means that messages can get lost after a few minutes, prompting brands to face a challenge in deciding how many times to send out a particular post. In contrast, a WeChat message is waiting for the follower in their inbox when they are ready to read it—meaning the quality of messages is far more important than quantity.

    Sophisticated design capabilities#

    With the ability to create mini-apps within WeChat, the options are limitless for brands creating specialized campaigns. This total control over design is optimal for an aesthetics-focused industry such as luxury.

    To learn about these features in more detail from top industry experts, visit our report download page here.#

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