3 Ways To Reinvent Your Agency In China’s Digital-Driven Market

    The rapidly growing importance of digital marketing in China means it's time for the country's marketing agencies to shift gears if they want to keep up.
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    As digital marketing becomes increasingly vital in China's advertising industry, the country’s ad agencies are working to re-allocate their budgets to reflect the market’s new reality. This is a tricky time, however, as marketing firms need to figure out the right balance between social media, community management, and big data while constantly keeping up with rapidly changing new technology, popular platforms, and the growth of e-commerce.

    In the video embedded above, Thoughtful China interviews Jason Kuperman, the VP of Omnicom Digital for Asia-Pacific, India, Middle East, and Africa at Omnicom Group, on what media agencies need to be doing to reinvent themselves and deliver solutions to brands in this new environment.

    Kuperman lists three main things that need to happen for an agency to succeed. “Understanding data to really understand consumer behavior is the first thing I think agencies need to get better at. The second thing is just this notion of understanding a brand as a service and a product as a service.” In addition, he believes there should be a bigger breakdown in barriers between different departments in order to foster more collaboration between “traditional” and “digital” media. Check out the video above to hear his detailed thoughts and recommendations for agencies in these key areas.

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