3 Main Things Luxury Brands Should Consider When Setting Up A WeChat Account

    There are several key factors global high-end brands need to consider when setting up an official account on China's biggest mobile messaging platform.
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    As China’s most important platform for mobile marketing, messaging app WeChat has followed in the footsteps of social media giants such as Weibo, Twitter, and Facebook with the option for brands to set up an official, verified account. As WeChat became ubiquitous among Chinese smartphone users, international brands were quick to sign up and take advantage of the marketing opportunities. Luxury, however, has lagged behind—only about half of all major global luxury brands have accounts. Jing Daily’s new report “Luxury on WeChat” offers detailed and comprehensive guidance on the key factors luxury brands need to consider when setting up their account. Below is a summary of three main issues:

    Service or subscription?#

    There are two different types of official WeChat accounts: service and subscription. While subscription accounts allow more frequent posting and are generally preferred by media, service accounts have more tech capabilities and are intended for consumer brands. Nonetheless, there are many luxury brands on each type of account: Burberry, Gucci, and Audi all have subscription, while Jaeger LeCoultre, Louis Vuitton, and Piaget have service. There are several key differences to each that brands must carefully consider when setting up their official account, including how many messages they want to push out and what kind of e-commerce capabilities they need.

    Official account registration for foreign companies.#

    To set up an official WeChat account, foreign companies need to check up on their eligibility to apply based on their authorization to do business in China. Some companies may need to work with a local distributor to apply for their account, so they must do the research to see what their individual situation requires.

    Account basics.#

    Once the account is created, brands need to be aware of the key features their customers are expecting from their WeChat account. Setting up customized tabs, forming a communication plan including auto-response and live chat, and integrating a store locator are just a few of the features luxury brands need to consider to provide their followers with optimal service.

    For more details on setting up a luxury WeChat account—including the differences between service and subscription accounts, the process for establishing an official account as a foreign brand, and the key account features that Chinese luxury consumers expect—check out our new report: “

    Luxury on WeChat: How to Reach China’s Mobile-Savvy Consumers#


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