3 Chinese Apps To Boost A Brand’s WeChat Marketing Strategy

    From video to selfie apps, there are several key platforms that can be integrated with WeChat to heighten a user's experience.
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    A still from a Tiffany & Co. promotional video posted on WeChat through Tencent Video.

    WeChat may be China’s most important mobile messaging app, but there are many platforms out there that can be integrated with it to enhance the user’s experience. In Jing Daily’s newest report entitled “Luxury on WeChat,” we looked at several key apps that can complement WeChat with additional features. Look below for a list of three useful apps that can be integrated with WeChat, and check out our report for more details on both complementing and competing platforms.

    Tencent Video#

    With the popularity of wide-screen phones in China, mobile devices are a popular platform for watching videos. Luxury brands can use this to their advantage by sharing their branded videos including fashion shows, mini-movies, or other campaigns with fans through WeChat. One of the most common channels for doing so is Tencent Video, which is owned by WeChat’s parent company and thus optimizes sharing through the mobile messaging app.


    Tencent also owns a stake in this Yelp-like review app with over 100 million users, and has integrated it with WeChat's in-app e-commerce platform. Brands should expect Dianping to become increasingly integrated with WeChat in the future and closely monitor their reviews on the app.


    All about conspicuous consumption, this selfie app allows users to tag the brands of the items they’re wearing and then upload to their WeChat or Weibo accounts. In addition to Pinco, an app called Nice boasts similar capabilities. Meanwhile, Tencent competitor Alibaba has created one as well, although Alibaba platforms are generally less optimized for compatibility with WeChat.

    To read about more complementing platforms as well as about WeChat’s top competitors in China, download our report here.#

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