11th Shanghai International Art Festival Set To Begin Next Month

    Jing DailyAuthor
      Published   in Lifestyle

    Festival Will Present 55 Stage Performances Alone, 28 From Abroad, 27 From China# writes today about the upcoming Shanghai International Arts Festival, which will take place for an entire month beginning on October 18:

    It will feature classical ballet, dance, music, opera, drama, art exhibitions, Colombian gold, puppets, magic and a youth piano competition, as well as traditional Chinese arts and performances.


    "We are trying our best to make this one of the best art festivals in the world," says Chen Shenglai, director of the festival.


    In addition to stage performances, the festival will feature art exhibitions, forums and other events, such as the pre-Hispanic gold art of Colombia at the Shanghai Museum; realist painters from the Repin Academy of Fine Arts from Russia; a retrospective of the history of China-Japan drama exchange; a South Korean modern art exhibition and Xie Zhiliu's painting and calligraphy.
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