10 Questions For Jewelry Designer, Art Collector, and Tastemaker Chaoqiu He

    The founder of Qiu Fine Jewelry, Chaoqiu He shares her thoughts on style and art collection.
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    Qiu Fine Jewelry Founder Chaoqiu He. (Courtesy Photo)
    Qiu Fine Jewelry Founder Chaoqiu He. (Courtesy Photo)

    Splitting her time between New York and Shanghai, Chaoqiu He also balances dual passions for jewelry design and art. The founder of Qiu Fine Jewelry, He is also an avid art collector with interests in Chinese and international contemporary art.

    Fashion and art blog The Art Gorgeous recently had the chance to chat with He about the style and art trends on her radar. Below are 10 questions from the interview:

    My ideal working outfit looks like…#

    Chic but comfortable because I’m a designer; I don’t really need to wear very formal working outfit[s]. [A] striped blouse with jeans or midi pencil skirts both work for me, but with heels for sure, and of course a piece of jewelry from Qiu Fine Jewelry (usually go with a pair of pearl/diamond earrings or a statement ring).

    My favorite art-related blog/app is…#

    Artnet, Artsy, Blouin Artinfo, and Art Observed.

    The last thing I bought and loved was…#

    A new painting from Chinese artist Jin Ningning; her new work Slate caught my eyes at first sight—very great energy floating on the canvas.

    My personal style signifier/identifier is…#

    Simple but chic, definitely “less is more”—that’s my rule.

    A piece from He's jewelry collection. (Courtesy Photo)
    A piece from He's jewelry collection. (Courtesy Photo)

    My favorite artists are…#

    Cy Twombly and Marlene Dumas.

    What I currently find most exciting in the art world…#

    For me, [the] most exciting thing is that more and more emerging and young female artists are coming out—they are more willing to try different things by using different mediums, tools, and give us some freshness for many thing[s].

    A piece from He's jewelry collection. (Courtesy Photo)
    A piece from He's jewelry collection. (Courtesy Photo)

    The next art spot I am off to…#

    I’m off to check out Magda Danysz Gallery Shanghai space; I will present my jewelry drawings/sketches at their group exhibition on 16th April in the afternoon, [which is] kind of exciting.

    My next art trip/travel will be…#

    Colombia! My first time to explore South America!

    The most arty city is…#

    New York and Berlin.

    Artists we should have on our watchlist are…#

    Marianne Vitale, Angel Otero, Torey Thornton, and Qiu Xiaofei.

    The full version of this article originally appeared on The Art Gorgeous, a Jing Daily content partner.#

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