The Jimmy Choo x Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Collab Wows Chinese Luxury Shoppers


Jimmy Choo has collaborated with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon to release a capsule collection in celebration of the iconic manga’s 30th anniversary. Championing both parties’ shared values of bold individuality, zeitgeist-defining imagery and female empowerment, the capsule of footwear, handbags and accessories is themed around the key characters — known as the “Sailor Guardians” — of this renowned franchise.

The immediately identifiable colors of each character imbue the products with their unique persona. The first piece of the collaboration was a made-to-order, limited edition Sailor Moon boot, which debuted in June 2022. This was followed by five styles of boots and pumps, as well as handbags, launched on February 14. Jimmy Choo also collaborated with the DJ Honey Dijon to create two original tracks inspired by Sailor Moon.

The Sailor Moon boot is a knee-high stretch style, a streamlined silhouette reflecting the titular character’s dynamic spirit. Photo: Jimmy Choo

Three pop-up stores will be unveiled in luxury shopping malls including Isetan in Tokyo, Selfridges in London, and China World Mall in Beijing. Visitors will have physical access to iridescent installations inspired by the Pretty Guardian’s dazzling transformations, bespoke moon-shaped ottomans, life-size Luna cats and colorful scenes from the genre-defying manga series, in addition to the collection.

The Jimmy Choo x Sailor Moon pop-up store at China World Mall in Beijing. Photo: Jimmy Choo

Netizens’ Reaction

Premiering in the 1990s, the anime series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon garnered a loyal following among Chinese millennials and Gen Z. With the announcement of the latest Jimmy Choo x Sailor Moon collab, local consumers have high expectations. The video teaser on the brand’s official Weibo account has received over 258,000 views on Weibo, as of publication. Meanwhile, images of Chinese A-list actress Yang Mi styled in the pink Sailor Moon boot have received positive feedback from netizens, driving online buzz before the official debut.


The characters and stories of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon have impressed global audiences since its debut, making it one of the best-selling manga series. Given that its influence transcends time, generations, and geography, Jimmy Choo is shrewd to choose the manga franchise as a partner.

One stand-out trend in brand collaboration is the leveraging of familiar IPs to stir a sense of nostalgia, as explained in the “Big in China: Brand Collaboration” report published by Jing Daily. Mintel also confirms this; a global consumer survey in 2021 shows that 77 percent of Chinese respondents stated that they like nostalgic things, including cartoons. From retro shows to childhood snacks, pursuing nostalgia has become somewhat of a leisure activity in itself, with products and content evoking feelings of comfort and security.

More importantly, the brand and the manga’s creator Naoko Takeuchi share values “not just of female empowerment but for fashion’s ability to inspire inclusivity and individuality through personality and self-belief,” according to Sandra Choi, Creative Director Jimmy Choo. As she explains, “The notion of transformation via fashion is central to Naoko Takeuchi, and clothes play a vital role in the identity of her superheroines, especially their shoes, the most powerful transformer you can step into.”

From the crossover with Eric Haze in 2021 to joining forces with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon this month, Jimmy Choo showcases the power of collaborating with brands and players across various industries. These initiatives will help the house maintain its cultural relevancy and enrich its brand image among consumers across generations.


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