Big in China: Brand Collaboration – The Jing Guide to Brand Collaboration in China

Big in China: Brand Collaboration – The Jing Guide to Brand Collaboration in China

China is on track to become the world’s biggest consumer market of luxury goods by 2025, meaning the country will soon be the ultimate ballpark for brand collaborations. With their popularity rising in today’s jam-packed digital age due to their marketing value, cross-branded releases merge multiple consumer bases and create new product possibilities. In short, brands cannot afford to overlook such a lucrative opportunity. 

Jing Collabs & Drops’ latest market report, “Big in China: Brand Collaboration,” analyzes today’s leading collaborative trends in China, examining five types of brand collaboration: cartoon IPs, key opinion leaders, retail stores, independent designers, and digital collectibles (China’s NFTs). Must-read elements of the report include:

  • Our ten favorite brand collaborations and what sets them apart from the pack
  • Brand insights from Jimmy Choo, Charles & Keith, STAPLE, Roaring Wild, and more
  • The dos and don’ts of launching a successful collaboration in the China market
  • Why KOL collaborations may not be the sales driver they once were
  • How brands are building hype online and boosting consumer interaction via digital collectibles (the China-market counterpart of NFTs). 

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Jing Collabs & Drops’ Ten Favorite Brand Collaborations: The most recent success stories that have made an impact in China
  • Introduction: Step into China’s bursting field of brand collaboration
  • Childhood Treasures: Analyzing the appeal of nostalgic IPs and cartoon collabs
  • Fan Power: Should brands capitalize on the fanbases of key opinion leaders?
  • Retail Appeal: Behind the strategy of brands tapping stores and vice versa
  • Designer’s Touch: The favorite-formula of brands and independent Chinese talent joining forces
  • Global Superstars: What’s the secret of non-Chinese names making an impact in China? 
  • Digital Collectibles: Keeping you up to date with the collaborations driving China’s NFT-equivalent
  • Conclusion: Jing Daily’s 10 must-read tips for brand collaboration in China

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Pages: 69