Nespresso Collaborates With Angel Chen For The Year of The Rabbit

What Happened: Nespresso has launched its “Patchwork Rabbit” collaboration to celebrate the Spring Festival 2023, the Year of the Rabbit. The special collection features the new year’s zodiac creature — a symbol of positivity and new beginnings — reimagined by homegrown talent Angel Chen.

Included in the release are coffee machine gift packs, nomad travel mugs, cotton pouches, chopsticks, capsule coffee sets, and red envelopes: items themed around the festive exchange of gifts and reunion of family and friends. Chen’s patterns and upcycled textures have been integrated into the design of the giftbox, with the rabbit appearing as the key motif of the fun, playful team-up. Highlighted throughout are the colors red and gold, which represent spring, prosperity, and luxury.

The design of Nespresso’s Chinese New Year giftbox features Angel Chen’s signature colorful patterns and upcycled textures. Photo: Courtesy

Chen is one of the rising stars of a new generation of Chinese designers. Founding her namesake brand in 2014, she has since shown at international events like Milan Fashion Week and built global recognition through collaborations with fashion, beauty, and sportswear brands including M.A.C and Adidas. 


The Jing Take: Brand collaborations have seen surging popularity among China’s Gen Z. Cross-branded outputs merge multiple consumer bases and create new product possibilities, as Jing Daily’s report Big in China: Brand Collaboration – The Jing Guide to Brand Collaboration in China outlines. Of these, partnerships with independent Chinese talents have proved particularly successful. 

A crossover between coffee and fashion might seem unexpected, but it has intrigued both of its target audiences in China thanks to the shared characteristics and similar brand positioning of the two companies. As Chen tells Jing Daily, “The act of making and drinking coffee is a form of art just like fashion design. Nespresso has beautifully crafted coffee for a luxury home experience while Angel Chen creates premium collections with a colorful approach.”

Angel Chen worked with unused fabrics such as wools, hand-woven materials, and lace from the past seasons of her collections for the collab with Nespresso. Photo: Courtesy

Recycling is another aspect that unites Nespresso and the Chinese creative. For the collab, Chen drew inspiration from a visit to a Nespresso boutique where she saw beautiful pieces created from recycled coffee capsules. “We decided to work with unused fabrics such as wools, hand-woven materials, and lace from the past seasons of my collections, and then mix them with Nespresso’s recycled coffee packaging,” Chen explains. 

Spring Festival is a key moment in the lunar calendar, and Nespresso has used it well. The release will help diversify its brand image through Chen’s contemporary, vibrant style. 

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