Maserati Puffer Jackets, Lifelike Doll Installations, And Chen Peng: China Collabs Of The Week

Aside from the British Fashion Awards, this week’s global fashion news includes Chinese retailer Shein dominating headlines for promising to invest $15 million in its factories, after admitting that some of its regulations breached legal requirements in response to a Channel 4 documentary. As a result, is the notorious platform about to hike its bottom of the barrel prices as a result?

We can only hope. In brand collaboration news, following its announcement of profit growth amid closures of physical retail stores, local down-jacket leader Bosideng has debuted a collaboration with Maserati. Celebrating their technicality similarities, the “Wifi Collection” capsule is the first of its kind in China.

Other stand-out crossovers include ENG Concept store’s impressive, lifelike art installation with the cult brand that was behind A$AP Rocky’s Met Gala duvet day. LVMH-owned retailer 24S has also released a limited edition capsule with LVMH award-winner Chen Peng. Listen to our thoughts below, and subscribe to the Collabs & Drops newsletter here to receive them straight to your inbox every week.


Bosideng and Maserati’s collision comes during the outerwear-brand’s sweet spot of a season. Photo: Bosideng

Launch date: December 1

Trend: Luxury Fashion x Luxury Automobile

Verdict: Though they might not be obvious at first, there are clear connections between Chinese down jacket brand Bosideng and Maserati. Both are empowered by their focus on technical design, celebrated via this collection. Through 2021, the local leader in outerwear saw a whopping 160 percent rise in Tmall followers, making it a reliable option for a car brand looking to connect with luxury consumers in the mainland. As reported on by Jing Daily last week, China’s love for down jackets is more fruitful than ever before. As Arnold Ma, founder of the Chinese marketing agency Qumin stated in the article, brands that want to push their identity as luxury cannot rely on merely an image. That’s where luxury brand collaboration, such as this one with Maserati can win over consumers. 


ENG Concept store is currently host to the eye-catching ERL art installation created specifically for the retailer. Photo: ENG Concept

Launch date: December 1

Trend: Global Designer x Chinese Retail

Verdict: Working with local retail stores as a Western brand can be the best route to fast-track to like minded consumers, and that’s exactly what American label ERL has done with China’s ENG. The carefully-curated concept store ENG, has become renowned in China for stocking avant-garde streetwear favorites, with both old and new designers that translate the same effortlessly cool aesthetic — in short, fans of ENG will likely be into ERL too. Beyond sharing consumer-bases, this art installation helps transfer ERL’s artistic, boundary-pushing identity to the local market. 


Chen Peng’s unisex capsule for 24S is made up of the brand’s signature puffer silhouettes. Photo: 24S

Launch date: December 1

Trend: Global Retail x Chinese Designer

Verdict: This 23 piece ready-to-wear collection comes as part of LVMH-owned retailer 24S’ partnership with the talents of its coveted LVMH Prize. Not only does it build 24S’ brand identity of supporting emerging, exciting talent and providing an innovative product offering, but it also strengthens its role in the highly-esteemed conglomerate. Collaborations such as this bring fashion-follower fans on board, while also connecting to those who follow fashion, and resonating with Chinese consumers. After all, the demographic represents one of the world’s most dominating luxury markets. Despite there being just 13 mentions of this collaboration, the campaign’s reach is at three million views in total across global social platforms.

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