3 Tips from Roger Vivier’s Nifty 7-Day WeChat Campaign


In collaboration with popular Chinese KOL Mr. Bags, French luxury brand Roger Vivier recently launched a WeChat campaign that featured a flash sale intended to drive users to its online store and recruit more followers. While the visually alluring campaign was only for a limited time—it was up for seven days—it gave the brand’s WeChat account a significant boost in exposure, meaning a mix of page views, unique visitors, and new followers. In seven days, the campaign was seen by over 90,000 followers of Mr. Bags’ account.



High points:

The WeChat campaign used bright and playful visuals that evoked Snapchat filters and features and were animated to keep users visually engaged. There were four items for sale in the store (two styles of shoes and two different bags), and each one was labeled clearly (ie, “Photocall Bag”). Although there were only a few accessories in the WeChat store, the flash sale incentivized users to buy and enhanced online sales.

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Here’s how it worked:

After landing on the WeChat campaign’s first H5 page, users could simply click on one of four images of different products to view further details about it. For users who were interested in purchasing a pair of shoes or a bag, one click brought them to a purchase page where they could fill in some personal details before making the payment.

Image courtesy of Curiosity China.


For brands interested in creating a successful WeChat store, here are some tips for obtaining a higher purchase conversion rate:

  1. Small number: Especially for the market in Asia/ China, presenting a limited number of items for sale leads to higher sales figures
  2. Categories: Categorize your products, i.e. bags and accessories
  3. Incentivize: Provide more incentives like exclusive offers
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Alexis Bonhomme is the co-founder and general manager of CuriosityChina, a digital and tech company that focuses on Chinese social platforms and the digital ecosystem in China. His column, “Case Study,” explores the successes and failures of social media campaigns in China by luxury brands.


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