What Does Proya’s Mother’s Day Campaign Say About China’s ‘She Economy’?


Chinese cosmetics brand Proya has launched a campaign titled “There’s More Than Just Mom in the World” in celebration of this year’s Mother’s Day falling on May 14. The theme, which is adapted from a classic Chinese nursery rhyme, is a continuation of last year’s “Visible Only to Mothers” campaign, which pointed out that family responsibilities should not only be shouldered by the mother. Likewise, this year’s campaign calls for society to acknowledge a mother’s invisible sacrifices and equally split up household tasks.

The campaign slogan “There’s More Than Just Mom in the World” is adapted from a classic Chinese nursery rhyme. Photo: Proya

Netizens’ Reaction

The campaign hashtag, “There’s More Than Just Mom in the World,” has driven over 33.8 million views on Weibo. Meanwhile, the accompanying three-minute film garnered 13.2 million views within six days and has received extremely positive comments from netizens across social platforms. By launching campaigns for International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, Proya demonstrates its awareness of women’s challenges in a patriarchal society and helps them feel seen. 



Proya is a veteran in marketing to women, especially when it comes to developing stories that resonate with today’s younger generations. Mother’s Day is still an underrepresented marketing occasion in China compared to Valentine’s Days like May 20 and Qixi or shopping festivals such as Double 11. However, discerning local players can leverage it as a crucial branding vehicle. 

Women are gradually realizing that tributes to a mother’s selfless dedication to her family are actually invisible shackles on mothers themselves. As such, leading local players like Proya are focusing instead on highlighting the dynamic personalities hidden behind the mother role.

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Interestingly, Proya is not promoting any specific products in this campaign, which is a sharp contrast to brands that encourage customers to affirm their values through consumption. Whether it is encouraging mothers to explore more possibilities beyond the home or urging family members to divide household chores, Proya showcases different ways to leverage Mother’s Day marketing in a contemporary context.


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