Better together: Telfar x Melissa and Aimé Leon Dore x Technohull prove collab power

Some of the most disruptive collaborations are those that create something that one brand can’t make alone. This week, we see that in action from preppy luxury menswear label Aimé Leon Dore and high performance luxe speedboat company Technohull, who have joined forces on a speedboat to accompany the new 38-GS Offshore Capsule.

Handbag trailblazer Telfar and jelly shoe favorite Melissa are also combining their expertise, launching their Telly Jelly shopper bag and playful, matching jelly sandals. Finally, the Dior Tears pop-up tour has officially begun, fueling the online conversation around one of Dior’s most exciting collaborations of the summer.

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Telfar x Melissa

telfar x melissa

Available on Telfar’s and Melissa’s repsective D2C online stores, the Y2K collaboration combines nostalgia and cult popularity. Photo: Telfar x Melissa

Date: July 14

Product: Telly Jelly shopper bag and sandals

Social context: Telfar’s official Instagram post has 57,174 likes.

Verdict: As with other household footwear brands such as Ugg or Crocs, Melissa is becoming a go-to collaborator within luxury fashion. Fronted by Telfar’s cult handbag, the collaboration is already a hit online.

Melissa will benefit from Telfar’s loyal following, while the American label will be able to design its own take on Melissa’s iconic, nostalgic footwear.

Aimé Leon Dore x Technohull

Date: July 7

Product: Technohull 38 Grand Sport Power Boat

Social context: There are 35,400 likes on the first post about this collaboration, with the two posts after gaining 36,200 likes and 28,200 likes, respectively.

Verdict: Collaborating on a high performance speedboat with Technohull is the ultimate way for Aimé Leon Dore to accessorize its luxury nautical-inspired collection.

The all-American fashion brand is able to enter a new product category with a company that has elite expertise in the space. For the “high-tech, high performance” luxury boat company, it’s an opportunity to be associated with one of the leading menswear brands in fashion, widening its consumer base.

Dior x Denim Tears

Dior x Denim Tears

Starting with a pop-up in London’s Phonica Records in Soho, Dior and Denim Tears are on tour. Photo: Dior Tears

Date: July 10 to 25

Product: Global pop-ups

Social context: There are just 2,900 #DiorTears posts on Instagram currently. #Diortears has 12.4 million views on TikTok.

Verdict: Dior Tears is splurging on its global pop-up tour, which will include inflatables, artwork, carefully-selected furniture, and video-projected shorts.

Introducing photogenic pop-up spaces will boost marketing exposure for the collection and help the brand better connect with consumers. Insofar, the hype on TikTok is all about the Egypt-based runway show and less about the clothes going on sale. The touring pop-up is a reminder for consumers that the capsule collection is now live.


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