Spyker To Launch China Edition GT2 This October

Dutch Supercar Maker Also Rumored To Have Four Door Vehicle In The Works

The Chinese edition GT2 will be longer, wider, and more comfortable for the driver

The Chinese edition GT2 will be longer, wider, and more comfortable for the driver

It appears that product localization for the Chinese market is no longer limited only to major luxury auto brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, but is even starting to catching on among makers of “supercars.” (The prohibitively expensive and blazingly fast models produced by the Bugattis and Mitsuokas of the world.) Today, the Dutch supercar maker Spyker — which recently purchased the imperiled Swedish automaker Saab from GM — announced that it plans to launch a China-only, road-ready version of its GT2 this October.

From China Car Times:

Spyker’s plans for the Chinese edition GT2 appear to be working on making the car longer, wider, and more importantly, more comfortable for the driver. Spyker are also planning a four door car that might make an appearence as early as 2013 which will no doubt go up against the recent crop of sporty executive vehicles such as the Porsche Panamera, Jaguar XF and the cheaper Passat CC.

The launch of the Chinese edition of the C8 Spyder GT2 is expected to take place in October with a new redesign which will take in Chinese design elements both inside and outside with the powertrain getting an upgrade as well to make it more suitable for day to day driving. A second China specific model is set to launch in December this year.

We’re curious to see what kinds of “Chinese design elements” Spyker will include in the China GT2 — whether they’ll go the low-key route like Bentley or go all-out like Ferrari.