Jing Daily's China Luxury Brief: July 24, 2013

    Today's top stories include the decline of the Chinese tour bus in Paris, China's "gilded government buildings," and Apple's China revenue drop.

    Avenue des Champs-Élysées: increasingly devoid of Chinese tour buses.

    Business and Finance

    A photo tour of China's "gilded government buildings"#

    is worth checking out over at Quartz, which features masterpieces such as state-run "Harbin Pharmaceutical’s office complex based on Louis XIV’s palace at Versailles." You would think with all the amazing architecture happening in China right now, they could at least blow taxpayer dollars on something more aesthetically appealing.

    Proximity Live will provide "integrated branding and creative communications services" for Christian Dior and Coutts in China.#

    The scope of the work may include public relations, design, social media, events, and activation.


    Chinese shopping tours are out of style in Paris.#

    "By 2020, purchases by such individual Chinese tourists abroad—on travel, food, accommodation, entertainment and shopping—will overtake that of tour groups, which currently dominate spending, according to data from the Boston Consulting Group."

    Bentley plans that its new luxury SUV designed to compete with Maserati#

    will see most of its demand from "the U.S. and markets like China and Russia."


    Apple's China revenue falls.#

    Maybe the government will claim credit after its concerted anti-Apple efforts. According to Wall Street Journal, "The Cupertino, Calif., company said on Tuesday that its revenue from China fell 14% from a year earlier to $4.6 billion in the quarter ended June 29."

    Tech in Asia gives five reasons why Alibaba's smart TV shopping platform "won't work."#

    "At the press conference in Beijing, speakers pitched the shopping feature hard, but after watching the demo in the room, I’m not convinced," writes Paul Bischoff.

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