China News Brief
    October 15, 2013

    Welcome to Jing Daily’s China Luxury Brief: the day’s top news on the business of luxury and culture in China, all in one place. Look below for the top stories for October 15, 2013.

    Welcome to Jing Daily’s China Luxury Brief: the day’s top news on the business of luxury and culture in China, all in one place. Look below for the top stories for October 15, 2013.#


    Apple hires Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts.#

    It's likely that Burberry's success in China played a large part in the decision. (The Street )

    UK to ease access for China banks.#

    After its announcement that it would lift restrictions on visas for Chinese tourists, the UK's China charm offensive continues. (Bloomberg )

    The French are building a mall by the Eiffel Tower, and China wants to buy it.#

    "China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange, which manages the government’s $3.66 trillion in currency reserves, is one of five potential bidders for the soon-to-open Beaugrenelle development, a three-building complex in a prime location on the right bank of the Seine." (Quartz )

    There's been a sharp increase North Korean imports of luxury goods from China.#

    So much for sanctions. (Telegraph )

    World Luxury Association releases another dubious report.#

    After previously falling under investigation for being a fake organization, the association is apparently still hard at work publishing questionable statistics and claiming it's a "US government international non-profit organisation." (Want China Times )

    — CULTURE —#

    How high-class Chinese mistresses are taking stock of the luxury market.#

    Luxury gifts are a huge part of "mistress culture" in China, but technology is making it increasingly hard to keep it quiet. (Spear's )

    — FILM —#

    Zhongnanhai has movie nights for high officials in its west hall.#

    Xi Jinping likes The Godfather, Deerhunter and Mission: Impossible, and Saving Private Ryan is reportedly "one of Xi's favorite war movies of all time." (Want China Times )

    Ask Jackie Chan all about how he defeated the imperialists in Chinese Zodiac.#

    On Wednesday, he will be doing a live chat with Los Angeles Times about the propaganda patriotic film. (LA Times )

    — FASHION —#

    Kate Moss won’t crack China for Topshop without local help.#

    With its Chinese brand ambassadors, it looks like Topshop already knows this. (The Conversation )

    Businesses tap into China's growing used luxury goods market.#

    Three hundred billion yuan of secondhand luxury products are available in China, but the concept of "vintage" doesn't have the cachet it has in the West yet. (Want China Times )

    — LIFESTYLE —#

    A house surrounded by trees in Hong Kong.#

    Scene Asia travels 16 miles away from the city center for its house of the day. (Scene Asia )

    Middle Eastern travelers still spend more money in the U.K. per person than Chinese (for now).#

    However, that might be set to change in coming years. (Telegraph )

    Automakers' China battle heats up#

    . Everyone wants to chip away at Volkswagen's lead. (The Motley Fool )

    — TECH —#

    HTC seeks to woo China's smartphone users.#

    The company hopes its new fingerprint censor smartphone will lure customers in the world's largest smartphone market. (China Real Time )

    Former Google China chief subject of attack article in official Chinese media.#

    An op-ed on a government-run website calls him a "loser" and claims he lied about having cancer. Stay classy, propaganda department. (China Real Time )