Infographic: Everything You Need To Know About E-Tail Giant

When Alibaba filed its mega U.S. IPO last month and sparked a flurry of excitement among investors, the Chinese e-commerce giant’s top competitor (also known as Jingdong) wasn’t far behind. After announcing a U.S. IPO much earlier than had originally been expected, the number two Chinese e-tailer raised $1.78 billion in its own initial U.S. share sale on May 22.

While trails behind its major rival for now, its massive size and market presence make it just as important to read up on as Alibaba. In order to provide a rundown of the top facts to know about the site, Caixin has come up with a handy infographic outlining the company’s history, revenue, and sales breakdown. Look below to get the most vital information on China’s other e-commerce behemoth: