How Moncler Found the Perfect Recipe for China’s Post-COVID-19 Market

Taking advantage of China’s recovery momentum, many established luxury brands have either released exclusive collections in the country or rushed to get on its online sales channels. Pouncing on this trend, the Italian down jacket brand Moncler created a series of online and offline events as a way to maximize exposure for a new collection drop, and they garnered impressive results. The release, featuring designs by the godfather of Japanese streetwear, Hiroshi Fujiwara, was from Moncler’s highly regarded Genius Collection.

Moncler kicked off its online promotions with an hour-long Weibo livestream that featured singer and actress Song Qian, streetwear KOL Li Chen, and stand up comedian Pang Bo. Ever since Louis Vuitton’s public livestream flop on the platform Little Red Book, luxury brands have been careful about optimizing their presentations on this burgeoning format.

To keep the viewer continually refreshed, Moncler’s livestream was hosted in two different settings: a pop-up ramen noodle stand and a futuristic stage set. The presenters were also quite varied. Host Li Chen reprised his role as a TV show host, bringing a natural on-screen charisma and a wealth of streetwear knowledge with him. Throughout the livestream, actress Song Qian tried on many different styles, which highlighted the versatility of Moncler’s collection and enticed purchases from female fans.

To boost offline engagement, Moncler hired a Fragment food truck to circle Shanghai malls as a way to drive foot traffic in its shops. Meanwhile, visitors who registered their WeChat at the Moncler Fragment Truck were eligible to receive gifts.

It was a fast-paced, three-day event, lasting from June 30 to the line’s global release date of July 2. Moncler made sure to release a range of digital touchpoints, hoping to attract as many different consumers as possible — from hardcore fans who registered ahead of time to curious walk-ins.

A hyped product, a livestream chocked full of celebrities, and a series of savvy online and offline initiatives guaranteed a successful comeback for Moncler in China. As of this story, the brand’s livestream had garnered over 31.6 million views, breaking Chanel and Gucci’s livestream record on Weibo, which are 23 million and 25 million respectively. And according to Moncler China, almost every style and size from the drop sold out on the release day.

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Moncler’s drop promotion strategies were hyper-local and involved a network of e-tailers, partners, and wholesalers. According to the brand, its plan over the rest of 2020 will be to emphasize hyper-local approaches with a global product. Its key markets, which include China, Japan, and Europe, will be serviced with tailor-made activations plans that feature relevant cultural players and technologies.

This strategy will ensure optimally-focused connections with a variety of consumers and should help the brand weather the second half of the year. Moncler reported a significant loss of revenue in Q1 2020, which brought its 24 straight quarters of double-digit growth to a shocking halt. Yet the brand known for its innovative campaigns will continue to push forward with what brought them recognition in the first place.