Chinese Cultural Consumer: The Future of Luxury (Second Edition)

Chinese Cultural Consumer: The Future of Luxury (Second Edition)

The China conversation has shifted away from millennials and toward Gen Z. But brands, institutions, and organizations that want to stay ahead of the curve must look beyond generational demographics and shift their focus to a new type of grouping: the Chinese Cultural Consumer. Empowered by discretionary incomes and sophisticated tastes, these buyers approach consumption with a distinct cultural awareness and a concept of luxury that sets them apart from their Western counterparts. 

Chinese Cultural Consumers are not only driving global luxury’s rebound and dominating auction sales, but also redefining industries with their appetite for pop and street culture, shifting the equation from collecting to consuming in the process. 

Surviving in China in the post-COVID era requires luxury brands to adapt more quickly than ever. The new second edition of Jing Daily’s indispensable market report, Chinese Cultural Consumers: The Future of Luxury, offers an in-depth exploration of the core characteristics of China’s most important consumers, how to reach them, the new direct-to-consumer landscape and its demands, and what product categories rule. 

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