Dior Enters the Metaverse With Customizable Avatars

What Happened: The proliferation of digital fashion continues and luxury fashion house Christian Dior is the latest name to test the waters by partnering with the metaverse avatar platform Ready Player Me. Together they will launch an interactive branded experience where consumers can create their own digital avatar and see it come to life across various brand-inspired environments. By doing so, users will automatically have the opportunity to purchase one of Dior’s exclusive fragrances. Meanwhile, the hub, which is available to all Ready Player Me users, connects users to more than 300 apps and games currently integrated with the platform. 

Dior consumers can bring their own digital avatars to life and explore various brand-inspired environments. Photo: Ready Player Me x Dior

The Jing Take: Dior is certainly riding high in China at the moment. LVMH’s gem just announced an art exhibition in Shenzhen, which is having a moment on Weibo, and follows a snow-themed capsule collection, like Prada. Additionally, it recently unveiled a collaboration with the popular photoshop app, Meitu, for selfies and pictures, which also includes an AI makeup artist feature that tailors makeup according to a user’s characteristics and offers makeup lessons. This latest collaboration cleverly taps the growing perfume trend, which is seeing exponential growth on the mainland. 

The metaverse, however, is still a relatively new concept for consumers, and so far, the tie-up has failed to make much impression on social platforms. But in a market where novelty and ingenuity are sought after, consumers are sure to appreciate Dior’s continued commitment to innovation. Dior has already created an AI character for their ambassador Jing Tian, who attended the label’s show in Greece. And, outside of stars and KOLs, interactive experiences are the next best approach to capturing netizen’s attention. So far, so steady, player.  

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