How Niche Fragrances Are Winning Over Young Chinese Consumers

How Niche Fragrances Are Winning Over Young Chinese Consumers

In Jing Daily’s latest Insight Series report, we turn our focus to China’s emerging niche fragrance market, one of the fastest-growing premium categories with plenty of untapped potential.

Among the key questions covered by this report:

  • What’s driving Chinese millennial and Gen Z consumer interest in niche fragrance?
  • How have smaller overseas fragrance brands successfully broken into the Chinese market?
  • How does the emerging local competition measure up?
  • How can fragrance brands tap China’s strong gifting culture to drive purchases?
  • What are some of the key fragrance marketing trends that brands should keep an eye on?

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Jing Daily Trend Rating
  • Defining Niche Fragrance Brands and the Current Market Landscape
  • The Appeal of “Niche” for Chinese Consumers Key Features of China’s Fragrance Market
  • The Post-Pandemic Influx of Overseas Brands Shopping Festivals and Holidays
  • Tapping China’s Gifting Culture The Rising Local Competition Future Trends
  • Conclusions
  • Directory of Overseas Niche Fragrance Brands

The Jing Daily Insight Series offers brief and timely reports that highlight key revenue-generating trends for luxury brands, focusing primarily on China’s rapidly evolving market, and the implications for the global consumer landscape. 

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