Video: Zhang Xiaogang’s New Exhibition, “The Records,” At Pace Beijing

jingvideoslugAlthough the new exhibition by Chinese contemporary artist Zhang Xiaogang at Pace Beijing wraps up next week, China Daily has posted an excellent video that gives a glimpse of Zhang’s dramatic new turn to those of us who can’t make it to Beijing to see it ourselves. From China Daily:

Zhang Xiaogang is one of China’s leading artists. His artistic development parallels that of contemporary art in China. “The Records” includes a continuation of his Green Wall series paintings along with a group of new sculptures. He uses seemingly subtle objects to continue his sensitive depiction of memory: from the beginning bloodlines, light spots and trail of tears to the later faraway skylines and overhead electrical wires that appeared to travel freely across the canvas planes. He also utilizes objects which people would usually turn a blind eye to, such as lamp cords and electrical cables. Zhang makes connections between abstract history and concrete living through the use of these details. With history in mind, he is constantly reminding us that every individual grows up amidst this abstract yet concrete history.




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