EXCLUSIVE: Stephy Fung’s Latest NFT Drop Celebrates the Chinese Zodiac

What Happened: 3D artist Stephy Fung has teamed up with the digital-fashion house The Fabricant for the release of her latest NFT collection, Zodiac Wardrobe, inspired by the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. The drop will allow users to co-create their own unique token through a series of heritage Asian garments, materials, and colors, with 35,000 unique combinations available. The minting period for the collection will run from April 15-22, with the tokens revealed on April 29. The collection, complete with cross-cultural references, splices her Chinese aesthetic with a streetwear vibe — creating a bold new language for the virtual world. 

Stephy Fung’s new collection features 12 garments, 15 materials, and 28 colors to co-create unique digital fashion NFTs. Photo: The Fabricant

The Jing Take: Making it to the physical runway is no easy feat, and one that often seems out of reach for aspiring designers. But Web3 and the metaverse is a blank slate, and its ethos of celebrating the “new” seems to be making an impact within the digital fashion sphere. Of course, we’re seeing fashion’s top players such as Gucci and Marni race to make their mark in the metaverse, but companies such as The Fabricant, DressX, and Brand New Vision are using their resources to spotlight the lesser-known names in the industry such as Fung. 

That said, this isn’t the first time the digital artist has had high-profile collaborations. She previously released a limited-edition NFT collection with premium whisky brand Glenfiddich alongside her project of bringing the first 3D Qipao to life. (Notice: another instance of Fung using her medium to bridge the gap between modern luxury and traditional heritage.) By uniting the youthful vigor of China’s Gen-Z character with its vast cultural history, she has secured her position as one of luxury’s most interesting, and potent, influencers.   

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Luxury labels eager to tap into the zeitgeist should look to artists such as Fung. However, it’s imperative that these brands see the partnerships as more than just an effective digital marketing strategy, and instead believe in the message that these pivotal creatives are working to deliver. 

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