Shanghai: A French Foodie’s Delight

New Restaurants Blend Chinese And French Cuisine In True Shanghai Style

Try Jean-Georges in Shanghai for an authentic French experience

Try Jean-Georges in Shanghai for an authentic French experience

Shanghai is fighting hard to revive its Jazz-Age reputation as the cosmopolitan, sophisticated “Paris of the East,” and along with an expensive makeover of the historic Bund and a major culture/arts construction boom, we’ve seen the city’s culinary world flourish in recent years. Reflecting Shanghai’s particular blend of East and West, a number of restaurants that combine European and Asian flavors have hit the Shanghai scene. From traditional French cuisine to more experimental fusion, Shanghai’s got something for even the most discriminating foodie.

This week, the Global Times looks at some of Shanghai’s best French restaurants, which run the gamut from classic cafes that wouldn’t seem out of place in Paris to more modern spots where Shanghai’s elite gather to see and be seen. From their list:

Jean-Georges: Asian French connection

“At the head of the table sits Jean Georges, known to be the most luxurious French joint in town. Jean Georges has generated a lot of buzz on the web and is unique among French restaurants for its Asian twist.

One of the restaurant’s specialties, cod steamed with shimeji mushrooms in miso-yuzu broth, is a sublime example of this French-Asian fusion. The three-star chef at Jean Georges concocted this medley during his last open cooking class in Shanghai. Another signature dish is foie gras brule with dried sour cherries and candied pistachios.”

For more information, check out the Jean-Georges (Three on the Bund) website.

Hamilton House: C’est Magnifique

“For a more traditional spread, the low-profile Hamilton House is a good bet. Situated two blocks from the Bund on the corner of Fuzhou Road and Jiangxi Road, Hamilton House offers a popular authentic French onion soup that’s loaded with flavor and complete with toast that seems to never get soggy.”

Hamilton House website.

Allure: Subtle European Flavors

“Another French restaurant worth a look is Allure at Le Royal Meridien on East Nanjing Road. Allure serves favorites from southern France with a Mediterranean bent.

The menu at Allure offers choices that are lighter and healthier than their classic counterparts. But thankfully, this effect is subtle and the key flavors remain intact.”

Allure review from City Weekend.

Des Lys: Gastro Bistro

“While French food may be pricy, not all French restaurants require a gold card, tailored shirts and a perfect accent to get a table. A few cozy, reasonably priced spots are dotted throughout the city. Des Lys, on Xinle road, is just such a place.”

Des Lys website.


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