How Niche Fragrances Are Winning Over Young Chinese Consumers

    In Jing Daily’s latest Insight Series report, we turn our focus to China’s emerging niche fragrance market, one of the fastest-growing premium categories with plenty of untapped potential. Among the key questions covered by this report: What’s driving Chinese millennial and Gen Z consumer interest in niche fragrance? How have smaller overseas fragrance brands successfully ...
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    September 07 2021
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    The China conversation has shifted away from millennials and toward Gen Z. But brands, institutions, and organizations that want to stay ahead of the curve must look beyond generational demographics and shift their focus to a new type of grouping: the Chinese Cultural Consumer. Empowered by discretionary incomes and sophisticated tastes, these buyers approach consumption with a distinct cultural awareness and a concept of luxury that sets them apart from their Western counterparts.

    Chinese Cultural Consumers are not only driving global luxury’s rebound and dominating auction sales, but also redefining industries with their appetite for pop and street culture, shifting the equation from collecting to consuming in the process.

    Surviving in China in the post-COVID era requires luxury brands to adapt more quickly than they ever have. Jing Daily’s market report, Chinese Cultural Consumers: The Future of Luxury, offers an in-depth exploration of the key characteristics of China’s most important consumers. The report highlights the key attributes of China’s increasingly influential cultural consumer along with opportunities for brands both large and small, addressing the following questions and many more:

    • What does the Chinese Cultural Consumer want? What product categories rule, and which physical and digital experiences have resonated most deeply with them?
    • Which key markets — whether art and collectible toys or streetwear and sneakers — are keys to understanding the Chinese Cultural Consumer?
    • How can luxury brands increase their odds of success in reaching the Chinese Cultural Consumer, both online and offline?

    Table of Contents:

    • Executive Summary
    • Younger Digital Sophisticates: Defining the Chinese Cultural Consumer
    • Spotlight Interview: Isaure de Viel Castel, Phillips
    • From Art Toys to Elevated Experiences: What the Chinese Cultural Consumer Wants
    • Spotlight Interview: Christina Fontana, Tmall
    • Markets That Matter: Keys to Understanding the Chinese Cultural Consumer
    • Spotlight Interview: Alexis Bonhomme, Farfetch
    • The Playground of the Chinese Cultural Consumer: From Offline to Online and Back
    • Spotlight Interview: Michael Xufu Huang, X Museum
    • Reaching the Chinese Cultural Consumer: Case Studies and Best Practices
    • Spotlight Interview: Farrel Yi, Bvlgari
    • Conclusions: The Future of the Chinese Cultural Consumer

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