Mid-Autumn Festival Events Held At World Expo

Festival Will Coincide With Macau Day At Shanghai World Expo

Mooncakes are traditionally consumed during the Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncakes are traditionally consumed during the Mid-Autumn Festival

This Mid-Autumn Festival (September 22), amid concerns in China about the rising price of mooncakes (the dense, sweet-and-salty pastries traditionally consumed during the festival), the Shanghai World Expo will host a number of special events, coinciding this week with the expo’s Macau Day. From Xinhua:

“By hosting a number of large-scale events performed by local artistic performers, we hope we can bring these festivities to Expo visitors from around the world,” said Ieong Pou Yee, director of the Macau Pavilion.

On Macau Day, an all-day-long celebration filled with Macau-themed cultural performances and a street parade will take place at the Urban Square in the Expo’s Puxi section.

Jade rabbit lanterns and Macau Day commemorative badges will be presented to visitors. Visitors can also take pictures with the jade rabbit mascot.

Meanwhile, organizers of the Taiwan Pavilion have also arranged a series of celebration events. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Taiwan Pavilion’s symbolic huge LED ball will become a “full moon”, inviting visitors to get together at the Expo Garden and admire the moon.

The Taiwan Pavilion will also give multimedia performances telling ancient stories about the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Also, a number of renowned moon-themed music pieces will be played at the Urban Square in the Puxi section.


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