Luxury Brands Celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day, WeChat Style

Dior: Angelababy makes her Dior campaign debut 

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On August 15, Dior offered a new handbag, from the Dioramour series, exclusively on WeChat. But what was notable was that the campaign was the first one to feature its brand ambassador, controversial actress Angelababy. Though Dior did not make any sales numbers public, when we checked, all the bags appeared to be sold out. Following in Angelababy’s footsteps, other rising female Chinese stars, including actress Zhao Liying and actress Wang Ziwen, have been enlisted to star in the campaign. Given that Dior was voted the most relevant brand among Chinese millennials, according to a recent report, we’re taking note.

Photo: Valentino/WeChat

Dior was the first luxury brand to start selling on WeChat during last year’s Chinese Valentines’ Day. One year later, more brands than ever are now eager to join the club on this special day, which this year falls on August 28. It’s a couple of weeks away, but there are already five luxury brands making exclusive offers on WeChat. Here they are:

Valentino: The first one to offer an exclusive sale this year

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On August 9, Valentino led the race, becoming the first luxury brand to offer fans the Valentines’ Day edition on WeChat this year. Its offering? A Rockstud Spike bag, selling for 18,800 yuan ($2,808). Valentino invited many Chinese celebrities, such as ‘Traffic King’ Xu Weizhou, Ode to Joy actress Wang Ziwen and movie star and luxury darling Fan Bingbing to promote the bag. To move online buzz into the offline experience, Valentino presented the “I Love Spike” exhibition in its new boutique in Beijing’s tony SKP Mall, featuring the classic Garavani Rockstud Spike handbag. The exhibition was open to the public for one week beginning August 2.

Design draft for the bag. Photo: Loewe/WeChat

Loewe: First to debut on Tmall’s Luxury Pavilion

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This year’s Qixi marks the Spanish luxury brand Loewe’s debut on Tmall’s new exclusive platform Luxury Pavilion. The brand released a specially designed handbag for the occasion, 99 Barcelona bags decorated with red hearts, exclusively designed by the fashion brand’s creative director Jonathan Anderson. From August 11 to 18, the bag is sold at 15,900 yuan ($2,380). Loewe broadcast this information on WeChat and directed fans to the “Tspace,” a 24-hour flash sale page. But only Tmall VIPs can buy the bags.

Photo: Coach/WeChat

Coach: Selena Gomez giveaway

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Compared to other luxury brands, Coach offered a smaller quantity of handbags to fans: just eight. But each of them had the signature of its global brand ambassador Selena Gomez. The offer was also made available for a longer period, from August 15 to August 31. The most tempting part of the offer? Anyone who makes a purchase on Coach’s website can get the chance to enter the lottery to win a Selena Gomez Coach bag. Needless to say, the Coach campaign achieved the highest pageviews of all of the listed five brands.

Photo: Chloe/WeChat

Chloe: A collaboration with Mr. Bags for the first exclusive WeChat sale 

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In collaboration with Mr. Bags, Chloe kicked off its first exclusive WeChat sale with an offer of a blue Faye Day bag in four different colors on August 10. Within a half-hour of its launch, the 85 limited-edition bags on offer were sold out, according to local fashion site LadyMax. This was a success for the brand’s first WeChat-only sale. The campaign features Chloe brand ambassador Tiffany Tang (who is also the brand ambassador for Bally), as well as actress Wang Luodan, super model Liu Wen, and actress Jiang Shuying.