Hong Kong Lifestyle Brand G.O.D. Puts The “Moon” In Mooncakes

Arbiter Of Cantonese Cool Recently Expanded To Singapore

With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching — falling on September 30 this year — it’s about that time for people to start stocking up on mooncakes, the dense lotus seed paste-filled confections traditionally meted out to friends and family in elaborate packages. But as everybody from stalwart brands like Wing Wah to Starbucks and Haagen-Dazs puts out ever more expensive and lavish mooncakes, it’s refreshing to see Hong Kong’s Goods of Desire (G.O.D.) — one of our favorite local lifestyle brands — go against the grain with their new collection, which puts the “moon” in mooncakes.

G.O.D.'s "cheeky" mooncakes

G.O.D.’s “cheeky” mooncakes, which come in one of eight styles, are priced at HK$65 (US$8) per individually packaged cake, with shoppers who buy 10 boxes getting one free. The cakes only wear their rebelliousness on the outside, however, as they’re filled with traditional white lotus seed paste and salted yolk. Available through September 22, customers can order the cakes via a special G.O.D. online order form and set a pick-up date between September 9 and September 29 at one of four Hong Kong G.O.D. locations.

16-year-old Goods of Desire, which recently opened its first international location in Singapore, has gained renown in its native Hong Kong and elsewhere for its tongue-in-cheek interpretations of traditional Hong Kong and Chinese culture. The same interweaving of old (local) and new (global) Hong Kong that infuses G.O.D.’s humorous mooncake collection is a hallmark of the company’s apparel, furniture, accessories and gadgets. Unlike other globally minded brands, G.O.D. never takes itself too seriously, yet its products consistently stand out as some of the most unique and distinctly Hong Kong Chinese out there.

Limited-edition mooncakes by G.O.D.


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