Glamour Sales Earns Massive ‘Puppylarity’ Thanks To Ultra-Chic Pooch

Move over, top models—Shanghai has found its next big thing, and it struts on four legs and has a tail. As fashion e-commerce brands race to find the sexiest stars to be the face of their brand, Fred & Farid Shanghai, a creative agency, found the perfect solution for online luxury flash sale company Glamour Sales’ need for a glamorous ambassador—they found a “spokesdog.”

Named the “Glam Dog,” it became the brand’s community manager on Weibo, WeChat, and other digital platforms for Glamour Sales. It was the star of the “Glam Dog Fashion Show” organized by Fred & Farid Shanghai at the Bund in Shanghai, and it went viral with 2.65 million views. The campaign boosted traffic on the brand’s website from 4 million to 6 million, with sales increased by 47 percent during the period.

Check out the video embedded above to learn more about the strategy behind the campaign.