Galeries Lafayette Diversifies In China

What Happened: According to China Retail News, the chain of French department stores Galeries Lafayette signed an agreement with HLC Commercial Estates Group in Guiyang to open a store in Guiyang’s Dolphin Plaza.

The Guiyang store would be Galeries Lafayette’s third location in China, following the opening of stores in Beijing (2013) and Shanghai (2019).

Jing Take: Luxury European brands understand that there’s a strong need to adapt and revise the industry if they want to survive in the new post-COVID-19 reality. With internal consumption in Europe still inhibited by the ongoing pandemic and border and travel restrictions keeping affluent Chinese tourists away from European capitals, the luxury-goods industry has taken a severe hit during 2020.

Increasing one’s retail footprint in a strategic market like China is a brilliant move because of the repatriation of wealth and the growing domestic luxury consumption in the country.

“We are going to see a relocation of investment away from some of the more mature markets and see a reinvestment in the Chinese market because of the surging consumption there,” said Joëlle de Montgolfier, the executive vice president of global consumer products, retail, and luxury practices at Bain & Company, to Vogue Business.

Meanwhile, the company’s location choice of the tier-2 city Guiyang, which has had “an outstanding performance in growth of jobs, wages, GRP, and FDI,” proves Galeries Lafayette has noticed that the real growth wave is happening in lower-tier markets, where luxury purchases are more frequent, and consumers are more loyal to brands, thanks to less store footfall.

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