First Chinese-Language Website About Italian Luxury And Culture Goes Live To Introduce Italian Arts And Culture, Cuisine, History And Luxury To Chinese Public

Recently, Italy has followed in France’s footsteps in embarking on a large-scale “charm offensive” in mainland China, promoting Sino-Italian business and cultural exchange and the country’s participation in the upcoming Shanghai Expo, then announcing that “Chinese Culture Year in Italy” will kick off this September. This week, (“Beautiful Italy”) — the first Chinese-language website designed to introduce Chinese readers to “the best that Italy has to offer,” from travel, wine and food to fashion and luxury goods — went live.

According to the site’s creators, the regularly updated site is designed to be a window to “the Italian lifestyle,” with news and commentary on life in Italy, Italian history and culture, and new products. Much like the previously covered Comite Colbert portal, a bilingual French and Chinese-language site covering news and updates in the world of French fashion, is both a bridge to Italy and a bridge to Italian brands and products for interested Chinese viewers.

In addition to news and commentary, includes several sub-categories, from Travel to Events:

Travel: Articles and photo galleries about Italian regions, cities, and popular tourist locales. Also includes a list of Italian tour operators and accommodations for potential travelers or outbound Chinese tourism agents.

Food: Includes features on Italian cuisine, as well as recipes and infromation on the ingredients and dishes that give Italian food its global appeal.

Wine: Educational section on types of wine produced in Italy, as well as historical background and cultural importance.

Design: Highlights Italian interior design, furniture, and fashion. Style category includes news about the world of Italian high fashion and new store openings and events in Italy as well as China.

Events: Information about upcoming events and exhibitions organized by Italian organizations, companies or luxury brands in China.


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