Filmmaker Chen Kaige: “We Need To Develop The Market”

“In A Big Country, Change Takes A Long Time”

Scene from Chen Kaige's "Sacrifice"

The latest prominent Chinese director to make a foray into international markets, Chen Kaige is set to premier his film “Sacrifice” (released in China in 2010) in the United States later this month. Despite the gradually increasing presence of Chinese films in limited release in cities like New York and Los Angeles, the likes of Chen and Zhang Yimou — whose recent “Flowers of War” took in a paltry $311,434 in the North American box office — have found audience interest stubbornly difficult to drum up both abroad and at home. (Where viewers remain fixated on Hollywood blockbusters.)

This week, Chen spoke to the Wall Street Journal about the progress made in China’s film industry over the past 30 years, the difficulties of drumming up interest in Chinese film overseas, and competing with Hollywood.


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