Don’t Miss: Community Of Tastes Art Exhibition In Santiago, Chile (Aug 5 – Sep 16)

Exhibition Includes Top Chinese Contemporary Artists Like Gu Wenda, Qiu Zhijie, Xu Zhen

Chile’s first-ever show of Chinese contemporary art may have just wrapped up as part of a week of China-themed events, but some of the best in contemporary artwork from the Middle Kingdom will be back in Santiago next month for the “Community of Tastes: Chinese Contemporary Art Since 2000” exhibition, organized by Beijing’s Iberia Center for Contemporary Art. Taking place at Santiago’s Museo de Arte Contemporáneo from August 5 to September 16, the exhibition includes works by a number of China’s top established and up-and-coming contemporary artists, including Gu Wenda, Hong Lei, Li Hui, Ou Ning + Cao Fei, Qiu Zhijie, Wang Jianwei and Xu Zhen.

After wrapping up in Santiago, the exhibition will move on to the Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de São Paulo in Brazil, where it will be shown from October 19 to December 12.


Event flier (click for full-size image)


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