Daily Brief

CNY Envelopes, British Airways, Hotel Boycott

January 25, 2017


  • 1

    China “orders” Chinese travel agencies to boycott Japanese hotel.

    The Chinese National Tourism Administration has ordered travel agencies to avoid the Japanese APA hotel in response to a controversial book on the Nanjing Massacre. Read more on Shanghai Daily

  • 2

    Chinese tourists taste for local food abroad is growing.

    China’s “younger travelers are bigger foodies” compared to older travelers. Read more on Forbes

  • 3

    British Airways “ramps up China in-flight services.”

    BA has introduced several changes for in-flight services to China and Hong Kong catering to Chinese travelers. Read more on Travel Daily

  • 4

    Chinese companies responding “positively” to pursuit of “excellence.”

    Chinese “media and entertainment, retail, telecommunications, travel, financial services and healthcare” firms are finding increased sophistication. Read more on China Post

  • 5

    Snapshot: 5 whimsical “Lai See” Chinese New Year envelope designs.

    In the Year of the Rooster companies offer trendy Chinese New Year envelope designs, ranging from biodegradable flower seed-set paper to fun “fashion-focused” patterns. Read more on SCMP