China: This Week In Digital Luxury Marketing

A roundup of new and ongoing campaigns in China through August 31, featuring Swarovski, ELLE, Kate Spade, GRAZIA, Kiehl’s, and Shu Uemura.

Swarovski and ELLE

ELLE is giving away tattoo stickers from Swarovski in this month’s magazine, and readers are invited to share photos of themselves wearing the tattoo stickers. Participants are asked to upload the photo with the handles @SWAROVSKI施华洛世奇 and @ELLE along with the hashtag  #Tattoo girls# on Weibo for a chance to win a Swarovski necklace. Participants from the Shanghai area will also have the opportunity to win an admission to a party at M1NT bar on August 21.


Kate Spade

To promote the “KSNY x Darcel” collection—a collaboration with New York-based artist Craig Redman—American fashion design house Kate Spade has created a puzzle-game mini site. The game is filled with images of Darcel Disappoints, an egg-shaped cyclops character created by the artist. Now through August 25, participants who wish to win a product from this collection are asked to follow Kate Spade (@katespade官方微博) and share their game scores on Weibo.

Kate Spade


Celebrating the Qixi Festival, or “Chinese Valentine’s Day“, this week, GRAZIA magazine has launched a free trial campaign on Weibo, featuring products for men and women from various brands such as Avène, POLA, Sisley, L’Oreal, and M.A.C.  Now through August 31, participants who “apply for” the trial ( with hashtag #GRAZIA试用中心#) will have a chance to receive a pair of men’s and women’s skin products—for themselves and their partners.



American skincare brand Kiehl’s has launched a campaign to promote its men’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash. The brand invites its fans to watch a video clip about the product and name one ingredient the product contains for a chance to win Facial Fuel trial packs.


Shu Uemura (植村秀)

Japanese cosmetics house Shu Uemura created a mini-site on Weibo featuring its “Eye-conic” eyeliner. The brand encourages its fans to go to the site and vote for their favorite eyeliner look from among 32 choices, and share it with friends.  Fifty participants will be awarded an eyeliner from Shu Uemura.

Shu Uemura