Are Chinese-only collabs like Shang Xia and Florasis the next hype trend in guochao luxury?

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What Happened: Recently, Chinese luxury lifestyle brand Shang Xia has made its first foray into beauty. The contemporary Paris-headquartered label partnered with East Asia-inspired cosmetics brand Florasis (花西子) to co-release a limited edition gift box titled Flawless Jade. 

The box gives buyers a taste of Shang Xia’s high-end homewares – a pair of white ceramic tea cups inspired by the traditional Chinese tea ceremony – and Florasis’ best-selling products, which include a setting powder, pressed powder, setting spray, and foundation for sensitive skin.

Shang Xia partnered with Florasis, or Huaxizi 花西子, to release a limited edition gift box — Flawless Jade. Photo: Florasis Xiaohongshu

The Jing Take: The blend of Shang Xia’s premium Chinese porcelain with sought-after cosmetics from Florasis earned the praise of local shoppers. Many commented that the collaboration fits both partners’ DNA and celebrates Chinese culture. 

Xiaohongshu user Buchijiaotuan (@不吃搅团) commented: “The two brands took inspiration from China’s traditional cultural heritage. Both must leverage each other’s loyal consumers to break through their current audience limits. Especially for Florasis, the collaboration with China’s Hermès undoubtedly enables it to move closer to the premium sphere.”

Equally, Shang Xia needs to engage Florasis’ fans. As a Chinese label, it has a home advantage, especially given rising consumer pride in Chinese culture, otherwise known as the guochao trend, which shows little signs of abating. 

The blend of Shang Xia’s premium Chinese porcelain with sought-after cosmetics items from Florasis has gained the praise of local shoppers. Photo: Florasis Xiaohongshu

But it’s Hermès-like low-key marketing strategy is not currently working in this dynamic market. Some Weibo users asked about this particular partnership, indicating low brand awareness of Shang Xia. It is seeking to grow awareness and cement its reputation in China by releasing this sophisticated yet affordable gift box.

Shang Xia’s sales declined last year, when revenue dropped by $15.5 million (111 million RMB) year on year, and revenue losses widened to $41 million (295 million RMB) from $11 million (80 million RMB) in 2021.

According to BOF, global beauty market retail sales will reach $560 billion by 2027, and China will account for one-sixth of that figure. Given the beauty market’s positive outlook, many luxury brands are exploring the sector through collaborations with domestic beauty labels. But with local names joining, it will be increasingly challenging for international brands to stand out from the competition and create meaningful, culturally relevant tie-ups. Here, Shangxia and Florasis’s clever partnership just might succeed. 

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