Adidas Originals teams up with NFT artist Fewocious, Valentino taps AR technology & more: Web3 drops of the week

Apple’s Vision Pro, the company’s shiny, new mixed reality headset, is still in the headlines over a week after its launch. It also (inevitably) became the focus of social media “memification” and prompted commentators to pen a range of opinions in the media; some predict that the product will reinvigorate augmented reality (AR), while others aren’t convinced. 

Meanwhile, Adidas’ second tie-up with Web3 juggernaut Fewocious has got the community talking. As one of the most prominent operators in the space, Fewocious’ influence on the NFT market has been far-reaching — something Adidas has clearly been taking note of.

Cult & Rain is also back on our radar. After making a name for itself as one of the leading luxury labels to be born from Web3, the brand continues to digitally consolidate and improve the consumer experience for its community. As the metaverse matures, should more brands be mirroring Cult & Rain’s strategy?

Adidas Originals is partnering once again with renowned NFT artist and creative Fewocious. Photo: Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals and Fewocious deepen their relationship with second Web3 collaborative project

What Happened: Adidas Originals is revisiting its long-standing partnership with renowned NFT artist Fewocious as it expands on its Web3 community-building efforts. The creative has been widely championed for his personal storytelling through art, solidifying their status as one of Web3’s leading creative forces.

This latest collaboration between the two will see Adidas bring Fewocious’ bold and playful vision to life once again, this time in the form of a limited edition, phygital collection. The “Trefoil Flower Mint Pass” will include an NFT paired with a specially-created IRL version of the Adidas Originals Campus 00s sneaker.

The Verdict: Dropping on June 22, the collection represents a new milestone in Adidas’ virtual blueprint. The launch is the first time the brand will offer a token-gated, NFC tagged sneaker that is also tied to a limited edition NFT. 

It’s also a deeper step into the world of Web3 creatives for Adidas, which has previously partnered with the likes of Bored Ape Yacht Club to grow its exposure across various online communities. The strategy has boded well for the brand, allowing it to have as much of an influence over the virtual world as it does the offline one. 

Farfetch’s latest move proves that the online retail market is ready for a tech upgrade. Photo: Wanna

Farfetch’s Wanna platform bolsters Valentino’s tech offerings in new partnership

What Happened: Farfetch-owned AR tech company Wanna has launched its first pilot venture in virtual try-ons (VTO) for clothing in partnership with Maison Valentino.

The news confirms Valentino as the first luxury brand to offer ready-to-wear VTO in the Wanna demo app, which will allow users to try on a curated selection of men’s pieces from the Valentino Urban Flows Fall 2023 collection, as well as the ValenTie from the Black Tie Fall/Winter 2023/24 collection.

The Verdict: As offline retail gets an upgrade — with more brands like Coach and Tommy Hilfiger augmenting the store experience — e-commerce is also on a mission to modernize its offerings. The results suggest that consumers are ready for this tech-centric shift. 

Klarna’s latest report concludes that more personalization is at the top of Gen Z’s shopping wishlist. Virtual try-on functions have become a popular option across the industry to achieve exactly that. With this in mind, more brands should be investing in improving their e-commerce toolkits to stay competitive.

The Web3-native luxury fashion label is continuing to improve on its community experiences. Photo: Cult & Rain

Cult & Rain launches new virtual space station, Cultr Pad

What happened: Web3-native luxury label Cult & Rain is expanding its presence from brand to full-fledged metaverse with its latest innovation. Cultr Pad, the new project to arrive from the phygital-focused startup, is a personalized virtual space station that will reside inside Cult & Rain’s Cultr World, a digital universe positioned towards the brand’s community that launched last year.

Cultr Pad will function as an immersive and gamified layer within Cultr World, which includes a virtual e-commerce shop, alongside four customizable spaces coined Mothership, DJ Room, Theatre and Gallery, where visitors can showcase their NFTs, access live events, and stream content.

The verdict: Consolidating their metaverse strategies and presence is the top priority for many Web3-centric and traditional brands today. 

With competition heating up and speculation surrounding the virtual world ongoing, companies are carefully fleshing out and strengthening their Web3 roadmaps to reassure consumers that the space has a long-term future. For most, including Cult & Rain, this means taking a more utility-focused approach, rather than churning out assets with a short shelf life or little value.


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