Which Luxury Brands Really “Get” Social Media In China?

New CIC Report Confirms: Burberry Is King In China

The battleground that is China’s luxury market is also becoming a battleground in terms of social media, with brands investing more heavily in digital marketing and turning to platforms like Sina Weibo to engage potential customers, give away freebies and hold contests. But which brands truly understand the changing landscape of social media in China, and are able to convert fans into customers? This week, GroupM China and CIC released a report on luxury brands and how well (or how poorly) they’re leveraging Weibo, BBS and e-commerce, comparing Chinese user habits with those seen in Western countries. Unsurprisingly, heavy hitters like Burberry ranked highly, with users preferring brands that use social media to share celebrity content, behind-the-scenes video and photos, and other rich content rather than just product info.



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