What Ant Group’s IPO Means for the World

What Happened: On August 26, Ant Group, the financial technology arm of Alibaba, filed documents for IPOs on stock exchanges in both Hong Kong and Shanghai. According to analysts, this could be the largest global IPO ever recorded. The exchange filling shows that the fintech giant has posted a profit of 21.9 billion Chinese yuan ($3.2 billion USD) on total revenues of 72.5 billion yuan ($10.5 billion USD) in the first half of 2020. According to CNBC, Ant Group’s first-half year profit rose a staggering 1,000%. With this in mind, Ant Group targets a market valuation of more than $200 billion.

Jing Take: The dual listing sends a clear message to entrepreneurs that were already looking for alternatives to Hong Kong, though the future of the former British colony as a financial hub remains secure, as China has no intention to sacrifice the city. Winning global recognition and a place among titans could also help the Alibaba Group reinforce its standing in the local Chinese market, which could help the Alibaba Group reclaim some of its users lost to Tencent. However, snubbing the New York Stock Exchange for Hong Kong and Shanghai is yet another strong signal that China is not backing down from its ongoing fight with the Trump administration. More importantly, it tells the business community that in these highly contentious days, the New York Stock Exchange is becoming an increasingly dicey option; thus, local contenders are becoming a strategic option that have their own set of competitive strengths. Given this, will more and more Chinese companies follow in Ant Financial’s footsteps, choosing to list in the home market, or even more drastic, delist from the NYSE?

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