Welcome To The All-New Jing Daily

New Features, Columnists, Event Section

More than a facelift

More than a facelift

Welcome to the all-new Jing Daily! Since our launch in November 2009, we’ve worked to collect the most important news and offer insight into China’s fast-changing luxury and cultural markets, and now, with our fully redesigned site, Jing Daily will continue to do what we do best while welcoming new and influential voices. Over the past several months, the Jing Daily team has worked closely with our designers to develop a smoother and more engaging user experience with less clutter, greater navigability and a cleaner layout, making it easier than ever to browse our archive of nearly 2,000 posts. Additionally, we have incorporated the Disqus commenting system in order to streamline the process of leaving comments while fostering greater discourse among our readership.

In the weeks ahead, we will go through archival posts to ensure the new design has ported over correctly, and as such we remain in the beta stage. We encourage readers to please email us at contact@jingdaily.com if they notice any bugs, and we’ll work to get them fixed right away.

Along with our new “facelift,” Jing Daily is incorporating several new features and sections designed to bring our readers an even greater amount of on-the-ground information from the front lines of China’s luxury, fashion, art and culture, wine and auto markets. In addition to a revamped event bulletin on the right-hand column of our home page, Jing Daily is proud to introduce our new columnist section, adding trusted and influential voices from a range of industries to the Jing Daily team.

Our growing list of columnists includes Torsten Stocker of the Monitor Group (consumer/retail), Divia Harilela of the D’Vine and South China Morning Post (fashion/luxury), Cedric Delzenne of Shop des Createurs (e-commerce/fashion), Zandie Brockett (arts/culture), Elle Lee (beauty/social media) and more. In addition to our columns section, the new Jing Daily is excited to welcome even more correspondents from Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, posting detailed reports on architecture and design, apparel and the arts.

Over the past two-and-a-half years, we’ve worked to deliver the most important and timely news and profile the key trends shaping China’s luxury and culture industries. With our all-new digital publication, we hope to make the reading experience more enjoyable for our audience around the world. As always, we thank you for reading, and hope you won’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything we can do to make the site a more thought-provoking and valuable read.

Avery Booker, Jing Daily Founding Editor


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