Weekend Sound Bites: Niche Tastes, Expensive Distractions, And Party Cruisers

Welcome to Jing Daily‘s Weekend Sound Bites: a rundown of what industry influencers were saying about the week’s top stories on the business of luxury and culture in China.


– FRIDAY, 8/30 –

“With several social network platforms reaching more than 300 million Chinese, and who actually spend more and more time online especially through their mobile, it’s a must for any serious brand to be proactive there.”

-David Sadigh, CEO of Digital Luxury Group in New York, on China’s booming e-commerce market, expected to overtake that of the United States this year. (China Daily)

“That may change as the market matures, but for now the Chinese are party cruisers rather than serious cruisers.”

-Zinan Liu, managing director for China and Asia for Royal Caribbean on the Chinese preference for shorter vacation periods on cruise ships. (NYT)

– THURSDAY, 8/29 –

“First I want to say sorry guys… [It’s] unbelievable I can beat her.”

-Zheng Jie on besting Vanessa Williams at this year’s U.S. Open. (WSJ)

 – WEDNESDAY, 8/28 –

 “We still have the same problem we had three decades ago. … There’s this awkward situation where it is difficult to express everything you want the way that you want.”

-Film director Chen Kaige, heading the jury at this years Tokyo International Film Festival, on the state of the Chinese film industry. (WSJ)

– TUESDAY, 8/27-

 “The expensive cars encourage students to show off family riches to peers instead of focusing on their studies.”

-Wang Yunfei, a sociology professor at Anhui University on the recent trend of students riding into college orientation week in high-end luxury cars. (Global Times)

– MONDAY, 8/26-

“They want to feel special. They don’t want to be seen as just the nouveau riche. They want to show that they have taste. And having taste means, I don’t want to have the same thing as you. I don’t want to go out and see on everyone else what I’ve bought.”

-Sifan Shao, owner of Beijing’s high-end fashion boutique S.T.A.R.S on the priorities of China’s wealthier fashionistas. (China Daily)