Weekend Sound Bites: Mistress Revenge, Michael Bay’s Scuffle, And Starbucks’ China Woes

Welcome to Jing Daily’s Weekend Sound Bites: a rundown of what industry influencers were saying about the week’s top stories on the business of luxury and culture in China.

Recently Starbucks in China is being accused of taking advantage of their foreign status / CafeDuDesign

Starbucks is being accused by state media of taking advantage of customers in China. (CafeDuDesign)

—FRIDAY, 10/18 —

“It’s not uncommon for high-profile foreign companies to attract more attention from the Chinese authorities than their local rivals. We’ve seen it with Apple, Walmart and Carrefour. It’s a cost of doing business in China.”

-James Button, Shanghai-based senior manager at consultancy SmithStreet, on recent Chinese media critiques of Starbucks’ pricing policies in China. (SCMP)

—THURSDAY, 10/17 —

“We expect all our UK centres to see a ripple effect as the country prepares itself to welcome more Chinese tourists, who are well-known for their love [of] fashion, and their love of luxury and designer brands.”

-Anthony Rippingale, the head of tourism at British fashion outlet retailer McArthurGlen, expressing his happiness about the easing of visa restrictions for Chinese tourists. (Fibre2fashion)

—WEDNESDAY, 10/16 —

“There will not be meaningful real reform, because general reform will require a leader who will have courage and will hurt the interests of his family and friends.”

-Lijia Zhang, social commentator and author, speaking on whether she believes  Xi Jinping’s corruption crackdown is for real. (CNN)

— TUESDAY, 10/15 —

 “You have to feel sorry for us, we are promised the world and given nothing. Just like dolls we put on make-up to look pretty, hang off the arm like some trophy, only to be lied to and cheated and left out in the cold. I’m glad they post these pictures of them — maybe they will change their ways and treat us better.”

-Ling Ling (pseudonym), mistress and karaoke girl, discussing the recent blackmail scandals that occurred as a result of officials’ purchases of lavish gifts for their high-end mistresses. (Spears)

— MONDAY, 10/14 —

“So an hour later he came by my crew as we were shooting, carrying a long air conditioner unit. He walked right up to me and tried to smack my face, but I ducked, threw the air unit on the floor and pushed him away. That’s when the security jumped on him.”

-Michael Bay, movie director, on being attacked during the filming of Transformers 4 in Hong Kong. (Variety)