Vintage Store Triple-Major: An “Aesthete’s Apothecary” In The Heart Of Beijing

Triple-Major Stocks Over 20 Designers From More Than 10 Countries, Including Finland, Austria And The Netherlands

Triple-Major (Photo by Nels Frye/Stylites in Beijing)

Triple-Major (Photo by Nels Frye/Stylites in Beijing)

Our friends at Stylites in Beijing recently took a trip to Baochao Hutong, an as-yet-ungentrified offshoot of the trendy (yet somewhat imperiled) Gulou neighborhood, to check out Triple-Major, one of Beijing’s few high-brow vintage stores. Curated by proprietor Richie Chan, Triple-Major blends in with its surroundings, cultivating the air of a traditional Chinese apothecary while stocking a range of obscure designers alongside its Qing Dynasty medicine chests and acupuncturist statues.

From Stylites:

[Triple-Major’s Richie Chan] has stocked his fashion pharmacy with all of his favorite designers, who tend to play with volume and cut in ways that steer clear of both old rules and new trends.  There is something of an emphasis here on non-restrictive and oversized fits of garments.  Reflecting both the intentions of both the designers and Ritchie, the shop is not divided into gendered sections: if it fits and you like it, don’t worry about those old hangups.  Many of the items appear to be androgynous in a way that is more progressive than provocative.

Over 20 designers are from over 10 countries, including Finland, Austria and the Netherlands.  Key are Daniel Palillo, Germany’s Anntian, Austria’s Fabrics Interreason, Pelican Avenue, and Skyward.

In addition to the garments for sale on the first floor, Triple-Major’s second-floor gallery will regularly host arts and fashion events, such as an exhibition by the Australian art collaborative, ffixxed on October 15. In addition, pop-up “flea markets” like the one held on October 1 will regularly take place on the shop’s rooftop patio.

81 Baochao Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing (北京东城区宝钞胡同81号)
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 13:00-20:00 (周二 – 周日,13:00-22:00)
T: +86-010-84020763
Company Website

Triple-Major proprietor Richie Chan (Photo: Nels Frye/Stylites in Beijing)

Triple-Major proprietor Richie Chan (Photo: Nels Frye/Stylites in Beijing)


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