Trending: This Style Icon Is Buying the New iPhone X for All His Staffers

This Style Icon Is Buying the New iPhone X for All His Staffers
The internet lost it today after a screen-grab of an alleged group chat among the staffers at the management company of Chinese model and KOL Chen Xuedong was posted online. The conversation shows one employee telling other members of the chat group to pick out the color for their iPhone X, which is currently pre-selling for $1000. “The boss (Chen Xuedong) said everyone gets a new iPhone X and he asks me to write down what colors y’all want,” the chat history reads. The screen capture is posted on Weibo and the story has quickly been picked up by several Chinese entertainment outlets. Chen, a professional model and popular actor is considered a style icon that’s loved by Chinese Millennials; last year in Milan, he walked the Dolce & Gabbana runway with fashion blogger gogoboi. Netizens have praised Chen’s generosity and expressed jealousy of Chen’s employees.

Weibo Comment: “Why haven’t I thought about working for Chen Xuedong? Now that an iPhone is officially more expensive than a kidney.”


The four actresses waiting backstage at Harper’s Charity Night. Photo: Weibo

Video of Yang Mi Singing at Harper’s Bazaar’s Charity Night
A video of actress Yang Mi singing with her three co-stars in the Tiny Times movies is trending on Weibo and netizens have chimed in to comment on the actresses’ on-stage performance. Yang Mi, Michael Kors’ newest brand ambassador, attended the Harper’s Bazaar Charity Night held in Beijing over the past weekend, where the performance took place. With her on the stage were three actresses who starred as Yang’s “girl squad” in the teen novel-turned-movie franchise Tiny Times—a story about four girls’ transition from college to adult life. The film series itself is a flamboyant showcase of luxurious lifestyles and is sometimes dubbed a “platform for luxury product placement.” Some netizens noted that the voice of one of the actresses, Guo Caijie, was great, while others more nitpicky commenters thought the performance was merely a lip-sync.

Weibo Comment: “For those of you who think they are lip-syncing, it’s because your internet is too slow.”


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