The Top 20 Beauty Brands That Dominate China’s Internet


With a heavy focus on social media marketing and e-commerce, beauty brands are some of the most digitally active members of the luxury sphere in China. In order to see which ones are shining above their peers, China Internet Watch has compiled a ranking of the to 20 cosmetics sites in China by site traffic.

While French brands Carslan and L’Oreal nab the top two spots, the next three in the top five are all Chinese companies, which demonstrates the growing success of homegrown beauty brands.

In order to show how important these statistics are for sales, the site also compiled a chart citing the top reasons Chinese net users visit these beauty sites—it turns out more than half of all users are visiting specifically for e-commerce.


Check out the full list below:

1. Carslan
2. L’Oreal
3. Pechoin
4. Meifubao
5. Inoherb
6. Maybelline
8. Kans
10. UN
11. Wetherm
12. Chcedo
13. EST
14. BE
15. Yunifang
16. Hanhoo
17. Laneige
18. Perfect
19. Nivea
20. Lancome



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