The Top 10 WeChat Articles on Luxury Fashion in May

Brands are increasingly utilizing WeChat as a content-producing platform. In order to better understand what luxury brands are doing well on WeChat, the editors of Jing Daily gathered the top 50 most-read luxury and premium fashion articles and campaigns on WeChat using the monitoring software Curio Eye.

From that group, the editors selected our top 10 articles based on their creativity, their originality, and their level of engagement with viewers.

We also noticed a few trends. Most top performing accounts enabled their comments section. Even though comments are hand-picked by a WeChat editor, they still serve as a reference point. Similar to enabling the comments section, almost all the brands added a “call to action” at the bottom of the article to encourage engagement.

We give more specific takeaways for each brand’s campaign or article below. Here are our top picks for May:

Yang Yongxiang, one of the celebrities featured in the Coach campaign “Women Who Chase Their Dream.”

1. Coach: Women Who Chase Their Dream

Total Pageviews: 100,000+

Total Likes: 165

This campaign presented short videos featuring four accomplished Chinese women from different fields telling an aspect of their story. For example, one showed Tennis champion Li Na talking about her transition to life after retiring in 2014 from her tennis career. It showed archival footage of her in competition paired with contemporary footage of her wearing Coach apparel that fits her style. Each video followed this structure. At the end of the campaign, readers could click “read more” to shop for the featured looks worn by the celebrities.

Takeaway: These worked because the videos told great stories but also managed to incorporate the brand’s apparel while accentuating the personal styles of the women they featured.

Liu Wen in Michael Kors.

2. Michael Kors: You Are Only 1 Michael Kors Away from Being a Celebrity

Total Pageviews: 100,000+

Total Likes: 128

What’s a day like with Michael Kors? Starting from 7am and ending at 8pm, this post took you through a day-in-the-life, off-screen, of five different celebrities. For example, readers can get a glimpse of model Liu Wen’s office attire and how Fan Bingbing gets comfortable in streetwear. Similar to Coach’s WeChat campaign, by clicking “read more” at the end of the post, the readers could shop the celebrity looks.

Takeaway: This campaign was fun and engaging because it shows celebrities in their down-time, when they’re just like the rest of us—sort of. Demonstrating this point, one commenter said, “I got the same style as Yang Mi!”

Gucci Collection

3. Gucci: Early Spring Collection 2018

Total Pageviews: 80,875

Total Likes: 187

While the title of many top-performing WeChat posts tend to mention the names of celebrities, Gucci’s was more straightforward on this one. Perhaps this speaks to the strength of Gucci’s design: it needs no other calling card. This post recreated the show through rich visual language—including video, GIFs and breakdowns of the collection by theme. Many readers commented that every single look was a favorite. One enthusiastic reader said, “Every Gucci collection is a visual feast.”

Takeaway: Know when less is more.

Dior makeup director Peter Philips giving a tutorial in a video featured in a Dior WeChat article. (Screenshot from the video.)

4. Dior: Interview with Dior’s Makeup Director at the 2018 Early Spring Show

Total Pageviews: 63,463

Total Likes: 60

This post offered a video of Dior’s makeup director Peter Philips explaining his concept and inspiration for the make-up in the 2018 early spring collection. Philips gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to recreate the looks from the runway, and showcased Philips’s master skills at blending different products. (On a funny sidenote, subtitles often announced to viewers that certain products being featured were not yet available in China. This seemed to serve no other purpose but to create hype and demand.) It’s also worth noting that Dior had over 50 percent of the top 50 most-read articles on WeChat.

Takeaway: Do give viewers tips, tutorials, and secrets on beauty and styling, especially from a master in the field.

Actor Chen Weiting. Image: screenshot from the video.

5. Chanel: Chen Weiting and Liu Wen, “Black or White” 

Total Pageviews: 43,808

Total Likes: 636

Featuring model Liu Wen and actor Chen Weiting, this conceptual video series celebrates Chanel’s new  J12 watch in its Horlogerie collection. The post included three videos (created in collaboration with Vogue), in which both celebrities, each wearing white and black, repeat the words “white” and “black” over and over. Images of the celebrities are interspersed with images of cat eyes, smoke, and chocolate. The montage accentuated androgynous quality of the watch, which has no gender specifications. The viewer could buy the watch for one week directly from the page, by clicking on a link that took you to an e-commerce platform.

Takeaway: Stylistic experimentation works well if your brand is equally edgy.

Liu Wen with her DK88 (screenshot from the video).

6. Burberry: Look How They Wear DK88 This Summer

Total Pageviews: 29,127

Total Likes: 2149

This post featured three videos of three different celebrities made by Vogue Film. In conjunction with the old-fashion design of the bag, the film itself is created in the style of a low-fi 1980s horror film. The article also links to the brand’s WeChat boutique store inviting the readers to shop the looks from the video.The post encourages fans to message the brand directly with a specific code to access behind-the-scenes pictures of the celebrities in the making of the films.

Takeaway: Offering readers the VIP treatment through privileged access, this post increased engagement and buzz. By creating separate films for each celebrity, they could also measure that celebrity’s fit with the brand per its consumers’ opinions.

MiuMiu sticker.

7. Miumiu: #whoisMIUlady Digital Stickers

Total Pageviews: 16,188

Total Likes: 83

Instead of encouraging consumers to buy, this WeChat campaign from Miu Miu actually offered consumers something free—digital stickers to be used on WeChat messages or pictures. There are a few stickers that mirror the look of the bag. This post also introduced the limited MIUlady exhibition at the IFC mall in Shanghai from May to June.

Takeaway: Why not give viewers something to enhance the way they already use social media. Offering something that doesn’t entail spending big bucks also works with younger fans.

Tod’s Sella Bag.

8.  Tod’s: Fashion fight — Secret Weapon From Tod’s

Total Pageviews: 14,560

Total Likes: 18

This post highlighted five bags from Tod’s, like the “Sella” and the “Double T” and presented the bags as a secret weapon. The post describes the characteristics of the bag and women who wear them and featured a montage of images of celebrities wearing the bag with different outfits and in a variety of settings. The images also had a casual, snap-shot-type aspect, which mirrored the look and feel of social media environments.

Takeaway: Offer loads of images that can give consumers inspiration and also stylistic suggestions for how to use the products and incorporate them into their lifestyles.

Jimmy Choo Mother’s Day campaign.

9. Jimmy Choo: 12 Different Kinds of Pink to Inspire the “Inner Girl” Spirit 

Total Pageviews: 13,533 

Total Likes: 91

To celebrate Mother’s day, Jimmy Choo featured 12 products in pink, a color that symbolizes youth and femininity. In the post, the brand encourages consumers to buy things for their mom and inspires their “inner girl spirit.” The post offers various products including perfume, shoes, and bags. At the bottom of the post, the reader can click to view Jimmy Choo’s 2017 early fall womenswear.

Takeaway: Jimmy Choo found a way to thematically and organically connect a variety of their products that also connected to a major gifting holiday.

Guess Originals x A$AP Rocky pop-up shop

10. Guess Originals x A$AP Rocky Pop-Up Shop Event Invitation

Total Pageviews: 12,436

Total Likes: 24

This post, which worked best when viewed on smartphones, was a special invitation to the Guess Originals x A$AP Rocky pop-up shop event in May. It consisted of a series of fun images of people in a DJ booth, an ice cream shop, a game station and a photo booth. And if you wanted more info on any image, you could swipe left to get the info. A fun added element was the music accompaniment—“I’m Not the Only One” by A$AP Rocky and Sam Smith—which you could turn on at the top of the post to kick off your experience. They encouraged viewers to leave comments by offering to invite five commenters to attend the event.

Takeaway: The immersive mobile experience (that included music and other multi-media features) created a highly engaging and experience. The invite to commenters increased their involvement.

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