• Artprice: Zeng Fanzhi Is China’s New “#1 Artist”

    Artxun reports this week that Zeng Fanzhi -- one of China's top contemporary artists -- has gained the title of "Number One" Chinese artist in terms of auction prices over the last year, leapfrogging longtime title-holder Zhang Xiaogang. Read More
  • Exhibition Of Young Contemporary Chinese Artists Heads To Kansas City

    Although artists like Yue Minjun and Zhang Xiaogang have quickly become major global art stars, China's younger artists are little known outside of their home country (and, more often than not, are unknown there as well), so the news that Kansas City is mounting a relatively large-scale and far-ranging exhibition of works by young Chinese artists must give some of these art greenhorns some hope for their future prospects. Read More
  • Chinese Buying Drives Sotheby’s Hong Kong Sale To $170 Million

    Over the last week, we've followed the Sotheby's autumn auction in Hong Kong, which included sales of everything from fine wine to antiquities to contemporary Chinese and Asian art, noting that sales were well above estimates and sell-through rates were promising. Read More
  • Interview With Chinese Contemporary Artist Zhang Xiaogang: Recording the “Relics of Life”

    We recently profiled Chinese contemporary artist Zhang Xiaogang's new exhibition in Beijing, which breaks dramatically from his earlier work by incorporating sculpture and mixed media pieces. Last week, China-based art site Artron (Ya Chang Art Network) sat down with Zhang to discuss the new direction his art is taking, and the ways that the rapidly-shifting Chinese culture affects his creative process as well as his views of the American and Chinese art worlds. Read More
  • “The Chinese Are Out In Force” At Sotheby’s Hong Kong Auctions

    The Sotheby's Hong Kong autumn auction (which continues until Thursday) has given market observers plenty of jaw-dropping figures, as this weekend's fine wine auctions brought in nearly $8 million USD over two sessions ($61,563,849 HKD), Fine Chinese paintings took in US$23.5 million, 20th century Chinese art made US$14 million and today's contemporary Chinese and other Asian art pulled in almost US$15 million -- mainly on the strength of contemporary Chinese artists, although Japanese artists Nara and Murakami did well. Read More
  • Exhibition Profile: Zhang Xiaogang’s “The Records”

    Contemporary Chinese artist Zhang Xiaogang, long known for his ethereal family portraits, has moved into uncharted territory with his newest exhibition, "The Records," running from September 27 to November 15 at Pace Beijing. Read More
  • First Meeting Of Chinese Contemporary Art Collectors Held At Songzhuang Art Festival

    We've been looking a lot at the New Chinese Collector -- the up-and-coming art collector who has become a fixture at art auctions around the world without really being understood by many seasoned collectors or auction houses. What is so fascinating about this group is the way that mainland Chinese collectors have really developed organically, and come together out of collective interest in the subject to become more informed about what art is out there, how much it costs -- and should cost -- and which artists they should be buying for their personal collections. Read More