• Chinese, Indians Going From Brand Worshippers To Brand Purchasers

    More companies in emerging markets like China and India are looking to leapfrog into the high-profit-margin luxury industry by acquiring well-known Western brands and take advantage of lower labor costs, developed supply chains and distribution networks at home. Read More
  • New Study Sheds Light On Spending Habits Of Asia’s Middle Classes

    Among other findings, the report by the Asian Development Bank forecasts that the spending power of middle class consumers in Asia will increase by eight times in the next 20 years. Read More
  • India vs. China: Who Will Win The Luxury Race?

    In the wake of last year's economic slump, the world's top luxury brands have intensified their efforts in developing a strong foothold in the emerging world, particularly in the BRIC markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China. In recent months, however, it is becoming clear that most major luxury brands see their futures (at least in the short- to medium-term) resting on the rapid growth of the "I-C" markets of India and China. Read More
  • Future For Luxury Goods Looks A Little Brighter

    As a result of the fast-paced development of China's eastern coastline and special administrative regions, only recently have major luxury brands made it to the country's vast interior region, where a number of second- and third-tier cities remain relative blank slates. Since so many companies are only reaching these areas now, the spread of luxury brands in China has become a regular news story. This has only intensified over the last year, as formerly free-spending Japanese and American customers have thought twice about luxury goods while emerging customers in places like the BRIC countries and relatively fast-growing economies like Vietnam become more regular (and brand-loyal) buyers. Nonetheless, the luxury sector is still experiencing only modest growth one year on from the onset of the global economic slowdown despite their best efforts at wooing new customers. Read More