• Wine In China: Growing In Popularity But Still A Hard Sell

    From Hong Kong wine auctions to the growing number of wine stores and wine events taking place in Beijing and other cities, China has become one of the world's fastest-growing wine markets. However, the size and potential of the market doesn't mean it's a cakewalk for wine producers. Read More
  • Video: Hong Kong Uncorks Wine Culture

    The Wall Street Journal has posted an excellent video about Hong Kong's red-hot wine trade and the city's new status as one of the world's key wine hubs. Read More
  • Video: “Red Red Wine”

    Recent wine auctions in Hong Kong and the rapid escalation of individual wine consumption in the mainland market indicate what many in the wine industry have dreamed about for decades is starting to come true: wine is finally beginning to capture a wider audience in China. Read More
  • India vs. China: Who Will Win The Luxury Race?

    In the wake of last year's economic slump, the world's top luxury brands have intensified their efforts in developing a strong foothold in the emerging world, particularly in the BRIC markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China. In recent months, however, it is becoming clear that most major luxury brands see their futures (at least in the short- to medium-term) resting on the rapid growth of the "I-C" markets of India and China. Read More