• Jade Jewelry Takes A Contemporary Turn

    Jade, coveted in China for thousands of years, is making a comeback among women of the country's "me generation" who want to set themselves apart from the average conspicuous consumer. Read More
  • Future For Luxury Goods Looks A Little Brighter

    As a result of the fast-paced development of China's eastern coastline and special administrative regions, only recently have major luxury brands made it to the country's vast interior region, where a number of second- and third-tier cities remain relative blank slates. Since so many companies are only reaching these areas now, the spread of luxury brands in China has become a regular news story. This has only intensified over the last year, as formerly free-spending Japanese and American customers have thought twice about luxury goods while emerging customers in places like the BRIC countries and relatively fast-growing economies like Vietnam become more regular (and brand-loyal) buyers. Nonetheless, the luxury sector is still experiencing only modest growth one year on from the onset of the global economic slowdown despite their best efforts at wooing new customers. Read More